Enhancing Student Achievement: The Importance of Second Level Educational Services in First Nation Schools in One Tribal Council in Saskatchewan


  • Larry Steeves Faculty of Education, University of Regina
  • Sheila Carr-Stewart University of Saskatchewan
  • Jim Marshall University of Regina




second level services, governance, student achievement, First Nations educational authority, Yorkton Tribal Council


The primary purpose of this paper is an exploration of issues related to the provision of second level (central office) services available to schools within the Yorkton Tribal Council (YTC), a First Nations educational authority located in southeastern Saskatchewan.  Research results supported the role of second level services in improving student learning and identified a shortfall in second level funding for the Yorkton Tribal Council.  Key stakeholder focus groups from within the Yorkton Tribal Council agreed with these conclusions and identified a number of additional issues such as relevant curriculum, instruction, teacher recruitment and retention, and improved leadership and governance.

Keywords: second level services; governance; student achievement; First Nations educational authority; Yorkton Tribal Council