Teacher Recruitment and Retention in Select First Nations Schools


  • Robin Mueller College of Education, University of Saskatchewan
  • Sheila Carr-Stewart College of Education, University of Regina
  • Larry Steeves Faculty of Education, University of Regina
  • Jim Marshall Johnson-Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy, University of Regina




funding, First Nations schools, administration, teacher recruitment, teacher retention


Historically, the inequitable funding for First Nations schools in comparison to funding for provincial schools has been an issue from the time of early day schools, to residential schools in which students worked half a day to tend to crops in order to grow food for consumption by students and staff, and to present day where band-managed schools still experience lack of funding.  Similarly, the lower salary levels for teachers in federal and today in First Nations-managed schools has been identified as a significant issue related to teacher retention. The purpose of this research was to identify current factors affecting teacher recruitment and retention in present day First Nations’ managed schools. In this paper we report on one case study comparing funding and teacher retention in one provincial school system and schools in one Tribal Council in Saskatchewan.

Keywords: funding; First Nations schools; administration; teacher recruitment; teacher retention


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