Becoming Pedagogical: Sustaining Hearts With Living Credos

Carl Leggo, Rita L. Irwin


From September to December 2009, a class of teacher candidates completed a Bachelor of Education course titled English Language Arts: Secondary Curriculum and Instruction. The instructor introduced himself at the beginning of the course as an a/r/tographer who is an artist, a researcher, and a teacher. He invited students to think about the possibilities of their being a/r/tographers, and to think about how they live in the world, as well as in their new emerging identities in the Bachelor of Education program, as artists and researchers and teachers. The teacher candidates were invited to think about how they werebecoming pedagogical, and how they could sustain their hearts in the dynamic and complex process of becoming pedagogical.

They were reminded that teacher candidates are not learning a toolbox of skills and strategies for teaching; they are learning how to navigate the tangled and complex world of human beings in communities called schools.

Keywords: teacher education; lifewriting; a/r/tography; credo; creativity


teacher education; lifewriting; a/r/tography; credo; creativity

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