Culture in Schooling in the Inuvialuit Settlement Region

Paul Berger, Jennifer Johnston, Melissa Oskineegish


We describe research on Inuvialuit culture in schooling in the Inuvialuit Settlement Region in the northwestern Northwest Territories in Arctic Canada. A mixed-methods case study using questionnaires in the region’s six communities explored students’, parents,’ and high school teachers’ perspectives on Inuvialuit culture in the schools. While students and parents were pleased that local culture is reflected in the schools, most would like to see more Inuvialuit culture become part of schooling. Teachers would like to know more about Inuvialuit culture and history and would like professional development to help them teach Inuvialuit students more effectively. This research suggests that policy in the Northwest Territories to move towards culturally responsive schooling is yet to be fully embodied. It should be prioritized.


Arctic Canada; Inuvialuit education; culturally responsive schooling

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