The Radiance of the Small


  • Alexandra Fidyk University of Alberta
  • Lorri Neilsen Glenn Mount Saint Vincent University
  • Merle Nudelman



radiance, suffering, alchemy, mystery, descent, paradox, black


The challenge and conundrum are to integrate within ourselves the dark/light cycles of the natural world, yet flourish in times of grief and pain. But how does one lose and be grateful? How does one create harmony between body and soul? Here we explore the lessons of a snail wedded to the earth, astute in its slowness, in its minute shadow; we listen for the small-throated life; we adopt the unapologetic, razor eyes of the raven. Questions lived and explored evoke shadow-answers and other questions. What lessons can be culled in the light of healing? What can we learn by entering moments closely? The suddenness of a death can bring us back to the radiance of the small: to see by means of black and to be at home in suffering.

Keywords: radiance; suffering; alchemy; mystery; descent; paradox; black

Author Biographies

Alexandra Fidyk, University of Alberta

Alexandra Fidyk, Ph.D., is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Secondary Education, University of Alberta. Her work draws from process philosophy, depth psychology, Buddhism, curriculum theory, and poetic inquiry. She serves as Associate Editor for the International Journal of Jungian Studies.

Lorri Neilsen Glenn, Mount Saint Vincent University

Lorri Neilsen Glenn is Professor of Education at Mount Saint Vincent University in Halifax. She's the award-winning author and editor of thirteen books of poetry, prose, and scholarly work. She lives and works Nova Scotia

Merle Nudelman

Merle Nudelman is a lawyer, poet, editor, and educator.  Borrowed Light, her first book of poems, won the Canadian Jewish Book Award. Her fourth poetry collection, True as Moonlight, is forthcoming. Merle leads workshops on creative writing and on healing through words. She is working on a book of non-fiction.


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