The Role of Environmental Factors in Fostering Creativity in the Classroom


  • Brooke Breti Graduate Student, University of Regina



Creativity is a set of skills, a form of thinking, and a way of meeting and excelling in the demands of the 21st century. This article explores creative gaps and inadequacies that hinder the development of teacher and student creativity in classrooms. Drawing from various disciplines, this article explores the challenges schools face in nurturing creativity through an in-depth analysis of existing literature, research studies, and expert views on the subject of creativity in education. The author discusses how teachers play a pivotal role in nurturing students' creativity and the importance of empowering teachers, with a focus on equipping teachers with the necessary tools and knowledge. The author contends that empowering teachers to create transformative educational experiences creates students who are critical thinkers, problem solvers, and contributors to a dynamic and innovative society.

Keywords: Creativity, student, teacher, practical suggestions, classroom environment