Electronic Documentation of Learning: Alternate Reflective Discussion Formats


  • Ann Sherman University of Calgary
  • Angela Rokne University of Calgary




An electronic reflective journaling process is described here. Second year preservice teachers engaged with their professors through an electronic documentation of learning tool that was transformed over the period of a term. The practice of sharing, analyzing, deliberating and making professional judgments in a supportive, on-line, reflective process enhanced the ability of these new teachers to truly grasp the experiences they were engaged in. The process invited them to explore their beliefs and practices in ways that moved them beyond the simple functioning as a teacher, to truly becoming a teacher.

Keywords: preservice teachers; electronic reflective journaling; teacher education

Author Biography

Ann Sherman, University of Calgary

My research interests include educational leadership with a focus on how administrators and teachers provide instructional leadership for colleagues particularly in the areas of science and mathematics. I have also done some research in the area of female leadership. I am interested in early childhood education and how we educate the whole child including the emotional, social and spiritual self.




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