Story as a Means of Engaging Public Educators and Indigenous Students

Martha Moon


Two concerns in public Indigenous education are the education of teachers and the engagement of students.  In this study, drawing on stories and multiple perspectives is an approach presented to address both concerns.  In open-ended interviews with seven Indigenous educators and leaders in urban public school boards, story was highlighted as a central component of the success of Indigenous students.  Participants believed that educators’ understanding and teaching practice is enriched by seeking out stories and multiple perspectives—those of Indigenous students and their families and communities in particular. They also believed that when these stories are valued in school, students’ sense of belonging and engagement increase.  This paper explores various angles on drawing on stories in public schools as modes of engagement and learning for both educators and students.  These angles address the experiences that students, teachers, and families bring to schools and the stories tied to local communities and embedded in Canadian school systems. 


K-12; education; story; relationship;

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