SchoolPLUS: Creating Community Schools Through Integral Development


  • Robert Regnier University of Saskatchewan



SchoolPLUS, integral development, holistic, inter-subjectivity, differentiation, transformation


When the Task Force and Public Dialogue on the Role of the School—SCHOOLPLUS: A Vision for Children and Youth (2001) called upon Saskatchewan educators to build school, community, and human service partnerships, the task force recommended that the formulation of holistic foci for meeting the needs of children in response to “tectonic” shifts that had shaken the ground of schooling.  In recommending a holistic paradigm through which to transform schools to be more responsive to distinct learning requirements, the task force sought to increase the capacities of schools to support richer expressions of human meaning and purpose which would extend supportive structures to include the marginalized.  In this paper, I recommend the notion of integral development through self-generating transformation of community, inter-subjectivity, and differentiation as the basis for continuing to build toward the SchoolPLUS vision.

Keywords: SchoolPLUS; integral development; holistic; inter-subjectivity; differentiation; transformation