Poetic Inquiry and Its Lyrical Potential for Research


  • Nilofar Shidmehr University of British Columbia




education, educational poetics, pedagogy, poetic inquiry, the lyrical


Including both discursive and lyrical inquiry as complementary sides of research and education, educational poetics is a way of re-imagining education that creates greater critical awareness of and ethical responsibility for our learning processes and inspires learners to employ their human potential for imagination and critical thinking to revise and remake "common sense."

Keywords: education; educational poetics; pedagogy; poetic inquiry; the lyrical

Author Biography

Nilofar Shidmehr, University of British Columbia

Nilofar Shidmehr has recently completed her doctorate in Curriculum and Instruction at the Centre for Cross-Faculty Inquiry in Education at the University of British Columbia. She is a published poet, fiction writer, and translator. Her first book of poetry Shirin and Salt Man was nominated for a Dorothy Livesay Poetry Prize in 2009. Her second poetry book Between Lives will be forthcoming in April 2014. Dr. Shidmehr’s research centers on arts-based methodologies of research, especially on poetic inquiry. In her scholarly work, she poetically inquires into her experiences as an Iranian woman living in diaspora. She shows the inadequacies of the discourse of Canadian multiculturalism and the politics of recognition in categorizing immigrant' lives and experiences.