Mathematics Teacher Educator Identity: A Conversation Between a Specialist and Generalist


  • M. Shaun Murphy College of Education, University of Saskatchewan
  • Florence Glanfield Faculty of Education, University of Alberta



mathematics, generalist, specialist, curriculum, stories to live by, narrative inquiry


In this paper we consider the ways the constructs of being a generalist and specialist in teaching have contributed to our stories to live by in mathematics teacher education. We employ narratives of experience to serve as frames for our discussion in this paper. We explore how our work in public schools contributed to our practice in teacher education and the ways this shapes our curriculum making with preservice teachers. Our stories to live by as mathematics educators highlight how curriculum is more than subject matter objectives and how we are shaped in our relationships with learners.

Keywords: mathematics; generalist; specialist; curriculum; stories to live by; narrative inquiry

Author Biographies

M. Shaun Murphy, College of Education, University of Saskatchewan

M. Shaun Murphy is an Assistant Professor in preservice and graduate teacher education at the University of Saskatchewan. His research program focuses on narrative inquiries into the ways curriculum and identity are shaped in relationship with each other. He has co-authored a number of papers with diverse colleagues.

Florence Glanfield, Faculty of Education, University of Alberta

Dr. Florence Glanfield is currently Associate Chair and an Associate Professor in the Secondary Education, Faculty of Education, University of Alberta. She is an Adjunct professor in the College of Education at the University of Saskatchewan, and an Affiliated Faculty member with the Centre for Research for Teacher Education and Development at the University of Alberta. She earned her PhD in 2003 from the department studying mathematics teacher understanding.