Carrying Stories From the Outside In: A Collaborative Narrative Into a Teacher Education Community

Shelley M. Griffin, Darlene Ciuffetelli Parker, Julian Kitchen


As three professors working collaboratively in teacher education, we reflect on our participation as former graduate students in narrative research circles facilitated by Dr. Jean Clandinin (University of Alberta) and Dr. Michael Connelly (Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto).  By drawing upon the stories that we carry from institutions outside Brock University, we inquire into how our narrative experiences inform our current positioning within a teacher education community.  Situating our work within social constructionism and narrative inquiry honours our relational, co-constructed work.  Reflecting on three central questions regarding our individual research circle experiences assists in understanding how our narratives overlap with our current community.  We draw attention to unspoken tensions that are embedded while working in relation.  We invite other scholars to consider how collaborative research circle experiences can be a powerful form of living in community and a means of enhancing scholarly writing and practice.

Keywords: research circle; research writing; teacher education; narrative inquiry; social constructionism; self-study


research circle, research writing, teacher education, narrative inquiry, social constructionism, self-study

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