Facebook as a Source of Informal Teacher Professional Development


  • Camille Rutherford Brock University




While originally marketed to college students, Facebook has grown into a popular gathering space not just for students, but also for professionals who are seeking an opportunity to network with others and exchange ideas and resources. Within Facebook’s gathering areas, thousands of teachers that can be observed engaging in discussions related to teaching and learning. Facebook provides teachers with an opportunity to engage in informal professional development that is participant driven, practical, collaborative, dynamic in nature and available 24 hours a day from any Internet connected location.

Keywords: Facebook; teaching and learning; social media

Author Biography

Camille Rutherford, Brock University

Camille Rutherford, EdD (OISE/UT) is an associate professor of education. She was formerly a postdoctoral fellow at Northwestern University and project director for the Distributed Leadership Study. As a former educator and university administrator, her goal is to explore the use of technology and social media to facilitate distributed leadership and enhance teaching and learning.