Ta-ohpinamahk ôma Michif opîkiskwîwin êķwa nehiyâw pimâtisiwin ôta Sâķitawak

To Bring to Life the Michif Language and Indigenous Ways of Life in Île à la Crosse


  • Erin Laliberte First Nations University of Canada, University of Regina




This paper will discuss ways of uplifting the Michif language and Indigenous ways of life in Île à la Crosse. Language and culture in Indigenous ways of life are extremely important and if we do not have language, then we most often lose our culture as well. The Michif language has been on a continuous decline in our community because our youth are not being taught the language at home. Culture is not as prevalent as it once as well. I discuss my upbringing and various cultural activities that are being taught in our schools to bring our language and culture to life again.

Keywords: Michif, language, Métis culture, land-based learning, decolonization, relationships