Instructional Mash-Up: Promoting Reflective Skill Development in a Virtual Environment

Karen Dunlap, Tracey Mac Gowan, Keith Restine


Classroom management (CM) research suggests prospective teachers customarily view CM skill acquisition as a fundamental component of pedagogical knowledge development (Emmer & Stough, 2001; Merrett & Wheldall, 1993). Dissemination of critical concepts has traditionally occurred in face-to-face classrooms supported by school-based field experiences. However, circumstances have fueled student demand for flexible scheduling and convenient online courses (Ellis, 2009; Fink, 2003). Professors are challenged to deliver CM instruction virtually; utilizing multiple tools for online delivery to emulate traditional and educational training experiences. This qualitative study explored emergence of reflective skills in blogs, wikis, and scaffolded assignments in an online CM course.

Keywords: classroom management; pedagogy; flexibility; online courses; blogs; wikis; scaffolded assignments

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