Reading Silenced Narratives: A Curricular Journey into Innu Poetry and Reconciliation

Julie Vaudrin-Charette


Using a life writing research methodology in this article, I seek to understand the complexities implicated in reading silenced narratives as a way towards reconciling internations relationships. To do so, I weave in the poetical territories of Josephine Bacon, Innu poet from Pessiamit, Quebec. I analyse how a poetic text has created spaces for reinterpreting silence[s], that journey into and beyond my whispered narratives as an emerging, settler scholar and curriculum theorist. As I tune into several layers of silences, I examine the pedagogical implications lying within public and intimate territories of silenced narratives and the narrative(s) of silence(s) in our various practices as educators.

Keywords: Postcolonialism; Indigenous education; educator's role; pedagogy

Figure 1. A visual abstract is offered here as an alternative way to enter the space of silenced narratives of symbolic literacies (see Battiste, 1986).


Postcolonialism; Indigenous Education; Educator's Role; Pedagogy;

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