Through a Stereoscopic Viewer: Transient Moments in Remembered Thyme


  • Cynthia M. Morawski University of Ottawa



writing, photographic inquiry, poetic inquiry, English Language Arts


From the emulsion of images taken yesterday, we develop our engagement in time today—the then that is always changing into now. Weathered shutters close together. Driftwood shifts on rocky sand. Sedges grow among the seashells. Grasses ground a concert band. Seen through the sights of a stereoscopic viewer, the author uses both her word and image to travel through presents in retaken pasts—portals into the practice of her language arts classroom life. The thought of a carousel going round, turns writing into other ways for words to resound. The recollection of sepia on a rooftop at night changes voice into variegations of color and light. It is in these moments of remembered scenes that the author reconsiders what her teaching means.

Keywords: writing; photographic inquiry; poetic inquiry; English Language Arts

Author Biography

Cynthia M. Morawski, University of Ottawa

Cynthia Morawski, who received her doctorate from Columbia University Teachers College, is an associate professor in the Faculty of Education, University of Ottawa, where she teaches integrated language/arts, literacy, disabilities studies, and literature, and researches literacy learning; bibliotherapy; women’s lives; and arts-based learning, including poetics of memory work in teaching narratives and learning differences.