Join the URJ

The URJ is currently seeking students to fill the following Editorial Board positions ahead of our Fall 2021 call for submissions. We are looking for individuals who are accountable, curious, and willing to work with a team. Students wishing to collaborate with the URJ do not need to have specific skills or expertise, but should be motivated and excited to learn. 

Click on this link to indicate your interest in working with the URJ

Executive Team: 

  • Production Manager - Works with the Editorial Board to facilitate the design, layout, and production of the issues of the URJ.

Section Editors:

Section editors are undergraduate students in charge of a specific area of the journal. These students work with faculty members to identify submissions for potential publication, facilitate peer reviews of submissions, and build each issue with the Editorial Board. Section Editors should belong to the faculty they wish to be an editor for.

  • Arts
  • Science
  • MAP
  • Kiniseology
  • Nursing
  • Business
  • Social Work
  • La Cité
  • Engineering

Outreach and Education: 

  • Communications - Works with the Editorial Board and faculty and staff advisors to develop resources and guides for students regarding Open Access, Open Science, and publication policies.
  • Social Media Engagement - Creates text, images, designs and other assets for use in social media posts and campaigns.
  • Graduate Mentors - We are also looking for current graduate students to collaborate with us and bring their experience and expertise to our journal! 


  • Graphics - Creates images for use on the website, social media, and in the print edition of the journal. 
  • Proofreaders - Creates text, images, designs and other assets for use in social media posts and campaigns.
  • Online Publication Manager - Works to prepare the latest issue for publication to the website. Maintains, updates, and creates content for the website.