Transmuted Modified Weibull Distribution for Modeling Skewed Lifetime Dataset; Properties and Application


  • Awopeju Kabiru Abidemi Nnamdi Azikiwe University
  • Alfred A. Abiodun University of Ilorin



A new five parameter model called Generalized Modified Weibull distribution is proposed and studied. The new distribution generalizes the Modified Weibull Distribution introduced by Lai et al. (2003) using transformed – Transformer framework of Alzaatreh et al. (2014) which resulted to a distribution capable of modeling skewed data (positively or negatively skewed data), as well as, symmetric data. Property of a proper probability density function was used to ascertain that the resulting function is a proper probability density function. Statistical properties of the newly generated distribution were studied. Graph of probability density function of the distribution was used to show that it is capable of modeling skewed data. Graph of cumulative density functions of the distribution was plotted using varying parameter values. Monte Carlo simulation approach was used for the test of homogeneity of the distribution and it was observed that the parameters in the distribution approach the true values as sample size increases. Maximum likelihood Estimation method was used for estimation of the model parameters. Real life dataset was used for model comparison as well as demonstration of its application.