About the Journal

The Journal of Probability and Statistical Science (JPSS) is a modified version of the Journal of Propagations in Probability and Statistics (JPPS, ISSN 1607-7083). JPSS, like its predecessor JPPS, is a multipurpose and comprehensive journal of probability and statistics that publishes papers of interest to a broad audience of theorists, methodologists, practitioners, teachers, and any other users of probability and/or statistics. The scope of JPSS is intended to be quite broad, including all the major areas of probability and statistics. Research papers involving probability and/or statistics, either theoretical or applied in nature, will be seriously considered for publication. Additionally, papers involving innovative techniques or methods in teaching probability and/or statistics will also be considered. Papers submitted for publication consideration will be peer reviewed. Initially, we will publish semiannually, one issue each in February and August. Hopefully, as time accrues, we will be able to publish quarterly. It is the goal of JPSS to publish a wide range of works involving probability and/or statistics (theoretical and/or applied in nature) and provide widespread availability of such to a broad audience of people interested in probability, statistics and biostatistics.

From 2000–March 2021, JPSS was published by the Susan Rivers' Cultural Institute. For archived issues, please contact the Susan Rivers' Cultural Institute or Kuang-Chao Chang. Staring April 2021, JPSS is published by the University of Regina.

Open Access Policy

This journal provides immediate open access to its content on the principle that making research freely available to the public supports a greater global exchange of knowledge.