A Modified Weighted Uniform Distribution And Its Bivariate Extension


  • Hiba Z. Muhammed Cairo University
  • Hagar Mohamed Abdelghany Cairo Univeristy




In this paper a new version of weighted uniform distribution is constructed and studied. The statistical properties of the new distribution including the behavior of hazard and reversed hazard functions, moments, the central moments, moment generating function, mean, variance, coefficient of skewness, coefficient of kurtosis, median, mode, quantile , stochastic ordering and order statistics are also obtained, a simulation study and real data applications are performed.  Moreover, a bivariate extension of the new distribution named the bivariate modified uniform (BMWU) distribution is introduced. The proposed bivariate distribution is of type Farlie–Gumbel–Morgenstern (FGM) copula. The BMWU distribution has modified weighted uniform marginal distributions. The joint cumulative distribution function, the joint survival function, the joint probability density function, the joint hazard rate function and the statistical properties of the BMWU distribution are also derived.