Statistical Inference in the Cumulative Exposure Lognormal Model with Hybrid Censoring


  • Ayman Baklizi Qatar University
  • Sawsan Abu Ghannam Qatar University



This research aims to analyze data coming from step stress life testing experiments where the stress level is  incremented at a preset time to obtain failure data faster. To analyze step stress data, a model that extrapolates the information attained from the accelerated tests to normal conditions needs to be fit to the life test data. We used the Cumulative Exposure Model (CEM) to model simple step stress lognormal life test data where hybrid censoring is present and applied the maximum likelihood estimation method to find the point and interval estimates of the parameters. Bootstrap intervals (bootstrap-t intervals and percentile intervals) were also constructed. We then performed a simulation study to assess the proposed methods of estimation under different hybrid censoring schemes. The Bias and MSE of the maximum likelihood estimators (MLEs) along with the coverage probability and average lengths of the corresponding confidence intervals were investigated. Finally, an illustrative example has been used to demonstrate the application of the methods discussed in this paper.