Editorial Team

The URJ is currently seeking students for its Editorial Team. No experience is necessary, just a willingness to learn and collaborate with others. Click here for a list of positions and their descriptions.

Name/Pronouns Position Contact Information
Kiegan Lloyd, he/him Editor-in-Chief kel470@uregina.ca
Shae Sackman, they/them Managing Editor shae@uregina.ca
Holden Norrie, he/him Financial Officer holden.norrie@uregina.ca
Cassandra Byblow, she/her Policy Administrator cassandra.byblow@gmail.com
Sarah Nakonechny, she/they Executive Administator sarahnakonechny@gmail.com
Thomas Czinkota, he/him Website Manager thomasczinkota@gmail.com
Joel Steve, he/him Knowledgebase Developer joel@uregina.ca
Megan Turluk, they/she Academic Integrity turlukmusic@gmail.com
Gillian Massie, she/her Social Media Manager gcmassie4@gmail.com
Dayle Steffan, she/her Graduate Mentor dayle.steffen@uregina.ca
Zakiyyah Nooraly, she/her Graphics / Multimedia znoorally.zn@gmail.com
Emily Lints, she/her Copy Editor em.lillian46@gmail.com
Breanne McCormick, she/her Copy Editor bree.mccormick4@gmail.com
Emily Camposano, she/her Proofeader emkathcamp@gmail.com
Destiny Brown, she/her Section Editor - Education destiny.brown1100@gmail.com
Isbella Grajczyk, she/her Section Editor - Education isabellagrajczyk99@yahoo.ca
Hannah Eiserman, she/her Section Editor - Arts hannaheiserman34@gmail.com

The URJ works closely with our Advisory Board which is made up of faculty, staff, and alumni from across the University of Regina.

Name Position
Dr. Yvonne Petry Dean of Luther College
Scott Wilson Writing Across the Dispciplines, Luther College
Christina Winter Copyright and Scholarly Communications Librarian
Dr. Troni Grande Associate Dean of Research and Graduate Studies, Faculty of Arts
Ella Grad-Arndt Alumni Advisor