Vol 40, No 1 (2019)

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Editor’s Note  iv                                                         

Contributors  vi                          


Adapting Through Heritage: Can Ecomuseums Make Saskatchewan Communities More Sustainable 1                          

Glenn Sutter, Adela Tesarek Kincaid,

Amber J. Fletcher and Tobias Sperlich

Part 1: Ecomuseums Today: Tools for   Sustainability?  15                   

René Rivard

Part 2: Perspectives of Organizational Partners  29                           

Living Heritage and the Ecomuseum  30                

Sandra Massey

Museums and Culture  39                             

Dan Holbrow

Saskatchewan Ecomuseum Network (SEN): A Brief History and Rationale  46                                                       

Wendy Fitch

Part 3: Ecomuseum Case Studies  51                                                      

Calling Lakes Ecomuseum (CLEM)  56                      

Aura Lee MacPherson

North Central Ecomuseum  61                               

Jan Morier

White Butte Ecomuseum  66                                        

Rebecca Otitoju

Final Thoughts on Case Studies  70                                                      

Highlights and Future Directions for Ecomusuem Development in Saskatchewan  72

Adela Tesarek Kincaid, Glenn Sutter,

and Amber J. Fletcher

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Table of Contents