in education


Patrick Lewis

University of Regina

This issue of in education marks yet another transition for our journal. Over this past winter (that seemed to persist far too long on the prairie), we have been transferring the journal to a new system. We are now using the Open Journal System (OJS) from Simon Fraser University. With that change comes a new look and a new way to navigate the site for everyone, including authors, reviewers, and editors. Fortunately, the site is easy to navigate and leans toward the intuitive process that so many systems aim for in development.

The current issue has an interesting selection of articles and essays that once again cut across the vast and varied landscape we call education. As reader, I encourage you to sample in your own direction and inclination the works presented here in no particular order or theme. However, I invite you to take up a reflective stance inspired by the book On Reflection that is reviewed in this issue. In my teaching here at the U of R, I have moments with my students when I feel, “nobody wants to read anymore.” Or at least not something that requires one to sink into the text deeply and find that reflective space in reading, what Thomas Aquinas called aevum. What Augustine called moments of the soul's attentiveness, are those moments when we are immersed in and engaged with a text in such a way that neither temporality nor eternity seem to exist through that duration.

So, dear reader, you are viewing this issue in an online digital format, clicking and navigating through the site—a digital world that is sometimes critiqued for creating the inability to sink into a text for a long period of time (see Carr, 2008, Is Google Making Us Stupid?)—and you are invited to sink deeply, to engage, and to reflect upon the contents of this issue.

This issue is full of works that invite you to take up a reflective positionality and, simply, to read, whether on a handheld device, a desktop, a laptop, a tablet, or a printed copy.


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