Journal History

In August 2009, the final issue of Policy and Practice in Education (15:1) was published. The journal did not cease publication; rather, it peeled off the title, which was born in an earlier time, possessed with a particular focus and interest. In late 2007, the editorial board of the journal made the decision to move the journal into digital format. The rationale was “in publishing research the intent is to reach as wide an audience as possible…[and] making knowledge more easily and broadly accessible suggested we look at open access publishing” (Lewis & McNinch, 2007,  Policy and Practice in Education, 13, 1/2, p. 5). To that end, we are continuing to evolve the journal such that we move more broadly into and across the digital landscape. We will build upon and transcend the discussions, ideas, and iterations of the past 15 years of the journal. However, the digital format will enable contributors to share works that travel outside the print only format of traditional journals to include, audio files, video files, images, and hyperlinks. The journal accepts submissions of high quality works that travel across the qualitative and quantitative research landscape engendering conversations in thoughtful and innovative ways.

The older issues of Policy & Practice in Education, 2004-2009, can be found in the University's
institutional repository oURspace ( ): Policy and Practice in Education: (

Issues published from 1993-2002 (previous title, Journal of Professional Studies) can be accessed through Proquest - Micromedia.